Plan For College Now

Plan For College Now

 Engage in different games and worksheets to help spring forward your college future.

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 It is never too early to start planning

your future and thinking about different

college interests and career options. 

Get Ahead

 Learn different ways to stay organized and

different skills that will help you succeed

Current Events

 Stay update with the latest news. 

These current event resources are

excellent for staying young students who

like to stay up to date. 

Let's Think

 These games will help assist you in the areas

of math and science.  New fun ways of learning.


 Have a research report due soon?!  Check

out this kid friendly chart that will assist

you with research.

High School Readiness

Help for high school students.  Great resources

for students at a high school level.  Elementary

and middle school students may find some of these

resources useful as well.

  Take a Break!

We all need time to relax.  Take some time

away from studying and play these exciting

educational games.  Take a break, play, learn and 

do it all while you play!


!!!!! More Sites and activities comming soon !!!!

Right now is the best time to start making plans for what happens after high school. What inspires you? What motivates you?

The sooner you start learning of and developing the gifts and talents you have, the easier your choices will be later on in determining what career to pursue in College.

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