Should Students Have Homework?

For a very long time, homework was believed by teachers and parents to be a cure to student’s laziness and indiscipline. Students right from the time disagree with this notion of having to do homework after a stressful school day. Now we must be sure of the reasons why homework should exist and should not be eradicated.

Research conducted some time ago proved the relationship between homework and students’ success in academics. To a large extent, there was no better improvement using homework as a gauge. This means that further research to be carried out to determine the addition of homework to success in the school activities. Many other studies showed that students get tired of doing homework, which can lead to mental stress. Some students even end up having a bad feeling about school and education in general. We don’t want our children to turn out this way.

This is the big question: should students have homework? Students have a tender mind, and if you are not careful with them, they get discouraged easily. It is funny how teachers give roughly 15minutes assignment to students and use hours to find solutions to the problem. Now tell me how many students won’t get frustrated, and the parents get tired of the whole process?

Some schools have tried to stop homework, especially with students in the elementary class, and continued with higher classes. Even though they stopped homework, reading regularly at the night hours has now been made compulsory. To balance the whole system, schools introduced three other activities that elementary students can do to replace their homework plan. They have time to play outside their homes with friends and enjoy nature. They also have time to take dinner with their family. Finally, they have the time to have a sound sleep. With all these in plans for them, it seems homework has to be stopped totally.

On the other hand, higher schools and middle classes couldn’t stop homework because of their classes’ technicality. The best school authorities came out with is to reduce the quantity of homework given to them. This brings the teacher to select carefully the exact work for their students to do at home, considering students’ interest and the limited time most of them have at home to attend to the questions.

Since the target and aim of giving homework is to improve academic excellence, we can conclude that teachers should think deeply before deciding whether to give homework to their students. Critical considerations must be put in place for students in the middle classes and students in higher schools before you bombard them with homework. Teachers of middle and higher schools have to be more specific and precise in their choice of assignment for their students and consider time and space that most students do not have.

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