Who Invented Homework and Why? Top Facts You Should Know

Homework has become an integral part of education and learners at all levels are familiar with the term and what it entails. Even though it has been useful in keeping students occupied at home, it is not everyone’s favorite. Nevertheless, considering its benefits, there is a huge possibility that homework is here to stay. People may wonder who invented it and what was the purpose behind the invention? Well, not many will care much about that but for all who are to know, below are the Who, the When, the How and the Whys of homework:

Who Invented Homework and When?

It is believed that an Italian by the name of Roberto Nevilis is the one who invented homework in the year 1905. Even though he used it as a punishment to his students, over time it has become a positive tool whose impact has been felt in the education system around the world. Pliny the Younger and other tutors realize that the results of home assignments were impressive. They improved communication and cognitive abilities among their students and this made them pass the practice to other tutors. Since then, homework has become popular and most teachers do not know how they can make it without after-class assignments.

How Should Homework Be?

Well, the fact that at-home tasks are great and helpful does not mean that they should be dished out anyhow. The tutors who originally embraced homework knew the right quality and quantity to allocate students. For homework to be effective, it should be designed in a way that the students can handle it independently. It should be relevant and not too complex and lengthy to the extent that it stresses out the learners. Again, classwork to be done at home should be feasible and assigned at the end of a particular training not before. At-home tasks should also have adequate guidelines for the sake of those who might not have someone to help. This will save the students unnecessary frustrations while handling their homework.

Why Was Homework Invented?

Although the original inventor used it as a punishment, the benefits were so obvious that it turned out to be one of the best educational tools. He then tailored homework to boost independence in students, improve their research skills, and many more. Those who took up homework on the first wave after invention continued to improve its feasibility. Thanks to at-home tasks, students can now manage their time better and tap into their potentials and abilities. Homework also helps students to prepare for tests by practicing more on the concepts learned in class. Students also become more innovative especially if they are tackling homework that requires them to implement technical concepts.

Final Remarks

The invention of homework has made a great impact on the education system. By all means, it is a great tool in enhancing learning among students at all levels of education. According to the discussion here, teachers need to learn how to assign relevant and feasible at-home tasks to get the best results out of it. Due to the evolution of technologies, now you can make money helping others accomplish their assignments. Just apply for homework solver position at https://www.writingjobz.com/ and start your successful career!

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