What to know about the study and homework

When it comes to study and homework, these are two things that are constant in every student’s life. But for many, they don’t understand the difference between study and homework, and also how to go around tackling either. Fiach Smyth from Studiosity has the following answers concerning this.

What is the importance of homework?

Most of the time, as a student, you will have to spend a late night working on homework. For many students, they do not usually take homework as part of the study. But we need to realize that it is a vital component of the learning process.

Looking at homework, it has a few purposes: the first one is the chance to notice gaps that you have with your knowledge. It helps since you can raise these issues with the teachers. The other purpose is that it enables you to go through the things you have learned during the day, which helps you discover the concepts better.

What is the study?

We understand what homework is, but what can we say the study is? We can say that study is the same as homework, but unlike homework, where the teacher usually gives it, the study is generally self-driven. It is also done during times when you are not in class. It is usually more of revising the content you have learned in class.

How long should you study?

It is dependent on a few things. You need to consider several things when deciding the time you need to study. The first thing is how much time you have, the subjects that you are dealing with, and the level you are in, in your academics.

Looking at different stages in school, case in point students in year 7-10 of school, they can manage to study for a block (60minutes) for four nights a week.

That said, one important thing to remember is that study is a personal thing. It is different for every person. You need to look at ways that work for you and the best time you can study well and be more productive.

What is a study block?

It is sometimes set aside to focus on studying a particular subject. An average study block is usually about 45 minutes, but sometimes there can be exceptions. This time limit is not arbitrary. Looking at schools, most classes range between 45-50 mins. It is mostly since our brain works at optimum within a particular time focusing on one thing, and after 45 minutes, it is bot able to take in new information properly.

How do you balance between study and homework?

After understanding that study and homework work together, it is also imperative that you know how to balance between both. On the one hand, you can let the time spent on homework be too much that you skip studying. Most teachers give a reasonable amount of homework for the students so that they have enough time to study. You need to learn the balance between homework and study.


To be successful in studying, you need to learn when to take a break. It is good to spend time studying but to be at your best, and you need to take breaks. The same way classes take breaks every 45 minutes, and you should do the same with your study time. A recommendable example is for every block you study, i.e., 45 minutes take a rest of 15 mins.

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